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Buckeyes beat Alabama 42-35 in a Sugar Bowl for the ages

Ohio State upsets Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide after a very tense matchup in the Sugar Bowl classic.

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Football aims to finish season out strong

Co-Sports Editor Navin Zachariah gives an update on the Pioneers’s season.

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Twelfth man is too high for “Mile High”

Sports columnist Andy Backstrom reacts to Super Bowl XLVIII.

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Twelve college bowls for the holidays

Sports columnist Andy Backstrom share 12 college bowls to watch with your favorite sports fanatics.

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‘Stoga Take: Is fantasy football worth the time?

Sports Editor Navin Zachariah and columnist Patrick Nicholson discuss the advantages and disadvantages of fantasy football.


‘Stoga staying Sonny

“Energetic. Passionate. Loyal.” Senior football co-captain Scott Hirshman chose these three words when asked to describe Sonny DiMartini.

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Tailgate and football game continue Homecoming weekend

The annual Manifest Tailgate with free food and games lead up to the much-anticipated Homecoming football game, where the Pioneers lost 17-28 to Haverford.

Proud college coach finds way to ‘City of Brotherly Love’

Andy Backstrom comments on the hiring of Chip Kelly as the Eagles’ new coach.

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Four championship titles to hope for

Stephane Hardinger lists four sports championship titles he’d like to see before the apocalypse.

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AFC struggles raise questions

Andy Backstrom comments on the weak regular season performances of several AFC teams.

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