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Students speak out: ‘Stoga siblings

Many students in Conestoga have siblings, some of whom have already graduated Conestoga. Eric Xue gives his insight on what it’s like following in an elder sibling’s footsteps.

Home(made) for the holidays

Home(made) for the holidays

Emily Seeburger discusses the value of homemade gifts.

Girls take lead in prom invitations

YingYing Shang discussing asking people to prom


Reading entertains, inspires

YingYing Shang reflects on the power of good books.

Holiday prep tops celebration

Haley Xue comments on the importance of the holiday season festivities.

Finding pride in the Pioneer

Discussing the merit of Conestoga’s mascot, the pioneer.

Treat yourself to more childhood

Reflecting on holding to childhood for just a bit longer.

Give Wikipedia credit where credit is due

Wikipedia has flaws, but is still a reliable resource.

Beardvember commentary

In a humorous look at Beardvember, Erin O’Neil examines the hairy tradition at Conestoga.


Students speak out

By Reshma Gouravajhala, Managing Editor A Greening ’Stoga Task Force member sifts through recycling bins on  a Thursday afternoon, thrilled that so many students are going green. Thousands of miles away, a Colombian man chops through the depleting forest, not knowing—or caring—what the phrase “global warming” means, simply wanting to put food on his family’s […]

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